Time line for Terra-Magica

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Time line for Terra-Magica (the Lion Head Academy Campaign)

World is created.

Year -666 to 0: Dark Ages.

Year 1: The One King is crowned and the New Calender is created.

Year 71 to 5072: Over 10 generations 9 crusades drove the dark races (Orc, Goblin, Ogre, etc) out of Europe.

Year 4092: Elfin explorers* discover America the new kingdom. (* Dwarves claim to have made the discovery more than a thousand years earlier in 3082.

Year 5120: First colony on the new world is founded.

Year 5476 to 5513: War of the New Kingdom. The American colonies band together to separate themselves from the European sponsors.

Year 5810 to 5860: American Civil War. When the Elfin Council of the New Kingdom Votes to dissolve and create a new leadership of humans and other races the opposing colonies secede from the council kicking off the bloodiest war the world has seen since the crusades.

Year 6114 to 6158: The Great War. After a Prince of the Drow is assassinated all the great Houses of the Euro-Elfin Empire go to war. The American Colonies never officially enter the war but many elfin warriors join the battle independently.

Year 6282 to 6383: The Second Great War: Seeking revenge for their defeat in the first Great War and fueled by a determination to rule the world a New Drow Empire (the third empire) declares war on the Elfin High Council. The Drow conscript huge hordes of demi-humans and conquer most of Europe. On the verge of invading the Elfin ancestral homelands and large human army from America joins the war and ultimately defeat the Drow.

Current year is 6464.

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