Hello and welcome! My name is Garrett Beck and this is my personal website. The purpose of this site is for me to have an outlet to share information and ideas and to help me and my friends organize events and activities.

Why ChefGarret?

ChefGarret is my digital identify. I first went online in 1996, at the time had just come out of culinary school and was very excited about being a chef. This is the only handle I have maintained consistently and anytime I join something new that user name is almost always available. Almost anywhere you find a user name ChefGarret it’s me (MySpace, Google, AOL, Geocities). Unless its some kinda porn site then I swear I don’t know anything about it.

T or TT?

Although my name is Garrett (with 2 T’s) ChefGarret is only spelled with one T because back then we were limited in the number of characters we could use. Although I no long work as a chef I do enjoy cooking and I have the documentation and loan payments that give me the right to use the title so I’m gonna get my moneys worth! It’s like calling presidents president even after they leave office.

What does the W stand for?

Bill! (LOL) My middle initial is W and if someone asks me what it stands for I always say “Bill”, some people get it some don’t. It’s really William after my dad but he doesn’t go by William so I say Bill. It cracks me up every time I do it but it’s probably not funny to read.


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